Staff Senate Committees

Staff Senate is in the process of reorganizing committees. Updated information will be available in the upcoming weeks.

According to Staff Senate Bylaws, "Members are required to serve on at least one Staff Senate or University committee. Members may request the committees on which they would like to serve. Requests will be honored when spaces are available.

AppKIDS Event

"Appalachian Kindness in Donations and Service"- AppKIDS arranges a winter shopping day for needy children, which includes contacting all Watauga County Schools and managing logistics associated with the event. The Chair will appoint a member to serve as an ex-officio member on the Fundraising Committee.

Chancellor's Advisory

This committee gathers staff concerns or topics, and then meets with the Chancellor once per semester to discuss these concerns. The committee may include up to ten members. The Chair and Chair-elect shall serve on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee.


This committee is responsible for the Staff Senate website and communication as needed to staff employees across campus on behalf of Staff Senate. Communications of the committee are under final approval of the Staff Senate officers. The Staff Assembly Delegate also serves on the Communications Committee.


This committee writes and submits any amendments and/or revisions of the Constitution (2012) and the By-laws (2012) to the Staff Senate. The Vice Chair shall serve on the Constitution Committee.

Events Committee

This committee will oversee and plan the following events (committee members can choose which event they would like to participate and plan)


This committee maintains membership and attendance rolls, supervises the election of new representatives and alternates and records the results, presents this information to the Staff Senate and notifies the Staff Senate Secretary of any changes.


The Staff Senate Policy Committee will work closely with the Appalachian State Director of Human Resources, Appalachian State Chancellor's Office and Appalachian State University's Legislative Liaison in the examination, review, advancement and creation of University, State and Federal policies that impact Staff at Appalachian State University.

Quality of Life

This committee conducts staff surveys and submits recommendations to upper management to increase awareness of staff concerns, needs, and attitudes and implements plans to improve and provide opportunities to for the enhancement of staff work environments and quality of life on campus.


The Scholarship Committee supports staff employees and their dependent children by allocating financial support raised by the Fundraising Committee for use toward higher education. The Committee publicizes the Staff Senate Annual and Endowed Scholarships, receives and evaluates applications based on financial need and academic performance, and makes awards based upon availability of funds. The Chairperson must serve as a member of the Fundraising committee.

Speaker Committee

This committee helps the Senate Officers arrange for and follow-up with speakers throughout the year.

Staff Awards

Staff Senate and Human Resource Services accept nominations from staff, faculty, and students for staff demonstrating outstanding accomplishments beyond their normal duties. Three SPA and one EPA non-teaching award winners receive monetary awards and special appreciation and recognition during fall convocation.

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