Staff Senate Top Priorities List

RespresentationStaff Representation on Chancellor Search Committee and HR Director Search Committee. Continued representation on all Chancellor Cabinet-level or higher vacancies.
CompensationWhile recognizing the legalities of providing state employees with a raise, the Staff Senate implores the Chancellor to use any means to secure additional compensation for the staff at AppState. Bringing all staff to 100% of market rate and also ensuring that no full-time staff member is paid below the state poverty line of $23,000 per year.
SmokingThe Staff Senate requests an increased emphasis on the enforcement of the no-smoking areas that surround the buildings on campus. Often people smoking do not observe this policy, as there is at times, little signage posted as well as little awareness of the new policy. If necessary, the formation of more specific “smoking areas” may be required to better enforce these rules.
Better Opportunities for Career Advancement 
Professional Development 
Winter Break

Staff Senate's recommendation for 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, Winter Break Campus Going Green with Limited Services Available (hereafter known as GGLSA)

Staff Senate is working with senior administrators to balance the needs for energy savings while maintaining the staff's ability to have multiple options to cover work days that are not state holidays around the winter break.

Watauga Medical Center in Blue Options for 2015Watauga Medical Center was dropped as a Blue Options Designated hospital for 2014 in the State Health Plan. This means that services performed at WMC are subject to the inpatient hospital copay and several services within the hospital are considered out of network. We as staff senate want to work together with WMC to ensure that the Blue Options Designation is returned for 2015.
Staff Appreciation Tailgate and Football TicketsContinue the Staff Appreciation tailgate tradition with full funding for food and drink and free tickets for staff to an AppState home football game.
Mandatory Supervisor TrainingSetup training course in HR for all existing and new supervisors to help supervisors better understand staff issues like salaries and benefits, annual reviews, flexible work scheduling to attend campus events and committees, Adverse Weather and other HR policies.

Legislation of Interest

Service in the Political Arena

Being a state employee does not mean you lose any of your constitutional rights to participate or not participate as you desire in the political process as long as such participation is not on work time. However, what each employee may do on the job, with state resources, using or implicating the name of the university, or otherwise affecting your job responsibilities is highly regulated by law as well as by UNC System policy.

Please read this MEMO from AppState General Counsel for exact details of what you can and can not do in regards to political activity.

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