Staff Senate Committees

Staff Senate is in the process of reorganizing committees. Updated information will be available in the upcoming weeks.

According to Staff Senate Bylaws, "Members are required to serve on at least one Staff Senate or University committee. Members may request the committees on which they would like to serve. Requests will be honored when spaces are available.

Events Committee

This committee will oversee and plan the following events (committee members can choose which event they would like to participate and plan)

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The Fundraising Committee is responsible for all fundraising efforts of Staff Senate and closely liaises with the Events Committee and the Scholarship Ad-Hoc Committee.

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Marketing & Membership

This committee maintains membership and attendance rolls, supervises the election of new representatives and alternates and records the results, presents this information to the Staff Senate and notifies the Staff Senate Secretary of any changes.

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Staff Recognition

Staff Senate Staff Recognition Committee supports positive morale and staff engagement through informal recognition programs.

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