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Kevin Snook

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Kevin Snook, 2013-2014 Staff Senate Chair

Kevin Snook has been a part of the Appalachian family for a total of six years but he has worked for the UNC System for 12 years.  Currently, he works for TSS (Technology Support Services), a division of central ITS, where he is the Apple Systems Administrator for campus.  As the Apple Systems Administrator, Kevin is the lead admin for anything Apple related. Kevin also manages the Casper Servers, Netboot Servers, Podcast Servers and Panopto Classroom capture service.  His office is located in College of Education Building, room 113F.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Kevin is a proud Penn State Nittany Lion as well as a proud AppState Mountaineer. He has 2 wonderful daughters that attend Watauga County Schools.

Kevin enjoys all kinds sports, especially college and pro football.  He is a member of the Staff and Faculty ASU Intramural team “Staff Infection” for softball and flag football.  Going to the beach, playing cards with friends and riding motorcycles are some other things he enjoys participating in.  He is also a member of the High Country Toastmasters.

Five years from now Kevin hopes to still be enjoying life in the High Country and working at Appalachian State.  He also hopes to be taking frequent road trips to visit his oldest daughter in college at UNC Wilmington.

As Staff Senate Chair, Kevin hopes to strengthen staff's work life balance and increase shared governance with other campus leaders for issues that affect all of us at Appalachian State. This year will be marked with increased financial challenges for Appalachian State and Kevin will work with administration here and at UNC GA to fight for AppState’s fair share of the allocations.

Monique Eckerd

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Monique Eckerd - ROM: Animal Facility & Staff Senate Treasurer 2012-2013

Monique Eckerd works in the College of Arts and Sciences Animal Facility which is located in Rankin North.  Monique has worked in the Animal Facility for the past nine years where she is on call 365/7/24. Her primary function for her department is to care for the animals used for teaching and research.  She spends her days caring for the animals that are used in teaching and research by faculty, staff and students in compliance with the regulations set forth by USDA, PHS and ASU.  She is responsible for supervision of the students and faculty working with the animals, maintaining appropriate licenses, advising faculty on animals use protocols. She also spent some time teaching Animal Camp and administering the site. Monique states “ Best part of my job is learning about new species, educating students about animals and working with great people”.

After 23 years of touring North Carolina, Monique and her husband were ecstatic to return to Western North Carolina.  Monique was raised in Hendersonville, NC so the mountains are home to her.  During her spare time, Monique enjoys jogging, hiking, swimming, cooking and reading.  She is also a member of the Spay/Neuter group of Watauga Humane Society as well as the Watauga Community Band.  Monique is a passionate gardener and hopes to have her own Greenhouse one day. At home with Monique and her husband are two cats, 1 goat (left over from the 4-H years), a flock of chickens and a grandog.

Monique has three daughters, all of which are in their twenties.  All three of her daughters attended ASU.  Her middle daughter graduated in Political Science with a Biology minor and her youngest daughter graduated in Geology with a Physics minor and is now employed by the surveying division of the New Mexico DOT. Her oldest daughter started at ASU majoring in Music but is currently serving in the Army in the Middle East.

In the future Monique would like to write a book on Outdoor camps and travel.

Katherine Sbarbaro

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Katherine Sbarbaro - Staff Senate Chair 2012-2013

When Katherine Sbarbaro has a moment away from her duties as office manager of the Sociology Department, incoming chair of Staff Senate, and secretary/treasurer for the UNC Staff Assembly, she might be thinking of riding a motorcycle through Europe.  She already rides throughout the Boone area.  A favorite route is along the Blue Ridge Parkway between Phillips Gap and Blowing Rock, especially when the sun is shining.  After a ride, Katherine satisfies her appetite by cooking one of her many favorite Asian dishes and serving it up on homemade ceramic dishes. 

One might also catch her at a Craft Enrichment pottery class on campus.  Katherine’s husband of nineteen years, Paul, and her extended family of eleven nieces and nephews reap the benefits of her cooking and pottery.  Molly, her dog, and Kittums, her cat, wait for any stray pieces of the meal to come their way, too.  Prior to moving to North Carolina, Katherine lived in Iowa and Florida.  She is Canadian by birth, but has lived in the United States since age eight.

Katherine has been with Appalachian State University since 2005.  She has worked as the office manager with the Sociology Department since April of 2006.  Her job is crucial to the operations of the department.  The department chair, faculty, and students rely on her expertise in navigating the complexities of ASU’s numerous forms, policies and procedures.  The best part of her job is seeing the potential of the students she supervises.  Katherine’s strength as a mentor contributes to the success of these students.

Experience, drive, and the willingness to listen to staff concerns will serve Katherine well as incoming chair of Staff Senate, as these qualities are already evident in her work in the Sociology Department.   Katherine’s commitment to Appalachian State University and the Boone area is clear, although if you happen to be in Europe in the future, you might catch her riding through the countryside of Italy or Spain.

Cathy Ziegler

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Cathy Ziegler – IRAP Analyst & Staff Senate Chair 2011-2012

Cathy Ziegler has worked in Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning, also known as IRAP, for the past six years. Cathy’s department collects data about the university’s students, employees and facilities then analyzes and interprets it to support administrative planning and decision and policy-making. As an analyst, Cathy works with a wide network of people to create surveys, gather data, interpret the results, and submit data files to UNC General Administration. What Cathy loves about her job, besides her co-workers, is that it is always challenging and new.

Cathy also has the distinction of having served as the chair of Staff Senate from 2011-2012, the year during which Staff Council changed its name to Staff Senate. She has been honored to serve and is proud to work with so many great people on and off campus. During her tenure, she led the effort to make sure staff was informed about the personnel flexibility act (Senate Bill 575) and UNC guiding principles, helped with campus communication by leading the effort to get a true all-staff listserv - accomplished recently by the creation of a listserv for EPA-Administrative employees, which can be combined with the current SPA listserv, and especially enjoyed getting to know the Chancellor, Chancellor's Cabinet, and Board of Trustees better and seeing first-hand their love and dedication toward Appalachian. Besides serving in many capacities in support of university staff and staff outreach, Cathy also attended the Solar Decathlon in Washington, DC, an international competition, where ASU brought home the People’s Choice Award.

Cathy moved to Boone 11 years ago from Central Florida when her husband changed jobs. They have two children, a son in college and a daughter who is a junior in high school. Her family also includes two large dogs that love to go exploring in the woods. In 2010, her family joined Appalachian’s international exchange student program as a host family. As an international student host, Cathy invites students to her home for meals and plays tour guide around the area. Each student that they have connected with has brought lasting joy and a lifelong friendship.

Cathy received a BSBA in Accounting from the University of Central Florida and most of her career has been spent in banking. She plans to take some classes in the near future. As for what she hopes to be doing five years from now is to still be employed in IRAP and enjoying a second honeymoon period with her husband after the kids leave home. She says they came to the mountains because of its beauty, but stay because of the people. We enjoy having you around too Cathy!

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