Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staff Senate?

The Staff Senate acts as a governing body for SHRA and EHRA employees.

What does Staff Senate do for me?

The members of Staff Senate can be a voice for the campus community and the General Assembly through the Staff Assembly representation. Staff Senate acts as a change agent and brings concerns and issues up for consideration. Participation in Staff Senate is an opportunity to get to know fellow employees across campus through Staff Senate committees and service projects.

How can I get involved in Staff Senate?

First, attend a meeting. Staff Senate meetings are open to all employees. Contact one of the officers or committee chairs to see how your skills will assist the Senate. Take a look at the website for ideas on how to get involved.

Who can be a member of Staff Senate?

The staff of Appalachian State University shall consist of any permanent SHRA or EHRA full-time or part-time employees. Any member of the staff may vote and hold office in Staff Senate.

May I participate in the activities if I am not a Staff Senate member?

Yes. You can still participate in any Staff Senate activities, such as the AppKIDS Shopping Day, for example. Membership is open to all SHRA and EHRA employees. However, you must be a member of Staff Senate to chair one of the committees.

How often does Staff Senate meet?

Once a month.

If I join Staff Senate, do I have to use my vacation or comp. time to attend meetings or activities?

No. You cannot use vacation or comp. time while participating in Staff Senate meetings. Employees may participate with approval from their direct supervisor. All time spent at meetings and activities are considered work time. You cannot accrue any overtime through participation in activities spent with the Staff Senate.

How much time commitment is expected?

Staff Senate meets once a month for approximately 1.5 hours. Senators are asked to serve on one or two Staff Senate committees and are encouraged to serve as a communication link between the Senate and those they represent in their department or unit.

Where does fundraising money go?

All monies raised go to Staff Senate projects such as the Scholarship fund and AppKIDS. If you are ever in doubt as to how your donations are being used, ask a Staff Senate member.

What has Appalachian State Staff Senate done/achieved in the past?

UNC system-wide representation: The Staff Senate meets twice a year with both the Chancellor and the President of the UNC system. This is accomplished through the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee at Appalachian State and the Staff Assembly at the State level. For more information, see the Staff Resources page. Campus representation: Staff Senate members represent staff interests on university-wide committees, such as the Staff Benefits committee, the University Calendar Committee, and the Campus Safety and Security Committee. Service: Every year, Staff Senate awards scholarships to staff and their dependents, helps university freshmen and their families on Freshman Move-In Day, organizes an AppKIDS shopping day to provide winter clothes and school supplies for local elementary age kids in need, collects winter coats and food donations for local families, and more.

When are Staff Senate elections?

Each year, Staff Senate holds nominations and elections in March and April for open Senate seats. 

What is the term limit for a Senate member?

Members are expected to serve one, two-year term.

Do all Senate members serve on a committee?

Yes. Members are expected to serve on one or two committees depending upon the committee's time commitments.