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This committee will oversee and plan the following events (committee members can choose which event they would like to participate and plan):

  • First year Move-In: recruit volunteers to be at the 2 shuttle stops for parents and families, you will answer questions, hand out water and snacks that are provided and get them on the buses back to their parking lot.
  • Coat/Blanket Drive: set up donation locations, coordinate delivery to University Sustainability
  • Food Drive: set up donation locations, coordinate with University Sustainability
  • AppKIDS event: participate in the planning, volunteer recruitment, and coordination of the event. Liaise with fundraising committee for event funding.
  • AppKIDS 5K: fundraising race for AppKIDS day. Plan the event day and course logistics, communication planning for the event, volunteer recruitment, sponsorship recruitment, and runner recruitment.
  • Summer Shindig: work with Staff Recognition committee and Quality of Life committee to plan and put on the Summer Shindig fellowship event. Food coordination and ordering, activity planning and preparation, communication planning for the event. 
 COMMITTEE MEMBEREMAILParticipating in which event
ChairKatie AppKIDS 5K, AppKIDS day, Summer Shindig
Co-Chair Heidi Taittaithr@appstate.eduFood Drive, AppKIDS 5K
 Kalin Coat Drive, Food Drive, Summer Shindig
 Paul Wilsonwilsonpw1@appstate.eduFirst Year Move-in 
 Clint AppKIDS day
 Tammie AppKIDS day
 Kim AppKIDS day
 Vivian Coat Drive
 Janice AppKIDS day, Coat Drive, AppKIDS 5K
 Andrea Coat Drive, AppKIDS 5K 
 Kelli AppKIDS 5K
 Cindy AppKIDS day
 Kara AppKIDS day, AppKIDS 5K, Summer Shindig
 Vivian Coat Drive



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