Staff Recognition


The Staff Recognition Committee is responsible for the staff recognition process and initiatives, such as Staff Shout Out and assists with annual staff awards.  It also supports positive morale and staff engagement through informal recognition programs. 


Committee Member



Chris Trew

Executive Board Liaison/Co-chair

Melissa Daniel


Abby White Gould


Andrea Elaver 


Andy Eaker


Caitlyn Blakelock


Carrie Fissel


Clint Coffey


Edward Hyle


Geralyn Mitchell


Holly Turlington


Janet Miller


Justin Carver


Kara Harmon


Karen McGuire


Kate Brinko


Kim Jones


Lisa Bare


Sheri Clawson


Stephanie Hickey


Vivek Shastry


Examples of "Shout Out" worthy actions: Recipients of a "Shout Out" are entered into a drawing for a gift from the campus bookstore. One of the ways we encourage positive morale and staff engagement is through an informal recognition program called, "Shout Out."  If you would like to have a staff member recognized for their positive contribution to the University, give them a "Shout Out."  The Staff Recognition Committee, a committee of Staff Senate, works to create a positive work environment, improve employee engagement, and encourage an environment of support and appreciation.

  • Going above and beyond to help a fellow coworker or student
  • Picking up trash on campus grounds just because
  • Encouraging recycling in your office
  • Someone with an infectious Positive Attitude
  • Taking initiative
  • Helping a co-worker complete a task voluntarily
  • Random acts of kindness

Give a Shout Out

Give someone a "Shout Out" today! Recipients of ”Shout Outs” will be notified the month following their nomination.